Shane Huffman is swimming to the moon.  If ignorance of the laws of nature is the basis of superstition, there’s an element of deliberate superstition in Huffman’s willful revision of cosmic order. Huffman reinvests interplanetary space, drained of mystery by the imposed order of cosmological description, with something “extra and other.” Superstition is precisely what makes space habitable: remove stories and legends, banish all ghosts, and the resulting sterilized space lacks memory, history, and distinction. His art investigates the individual as a participator in cosmic order rather than mere observer and parasite.  Using photography as an investigative process that works with three core phenomena, light, space-time and movement, which can be more accurately thought of as a single, unified phenomena, lightmotionspace, he creates experiments with the materials of photography that exist somewhere between lab work and alchemical sorcery.

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